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About our Trucks

Texas Wireline has several lines of units available

For wireline trucks we offer a variety of cased hole and open hole units:

  • Single axle/short tandem 235″ long (body only)
  • Core Analysis/Lab truck 240″ long (body only)
  • Long tandem/flatback unit 270″ long (body only)
  • Long tandem/flatback unit 279″ long (body only)

Our truck bodies can be set on any chassis that the client prefers. We will work with you and your truck dealer on the details to make sure we have the proper alignment and fit.

All interior layouts, drum selection, accessories and depth systems are specified by the customer and/or designed to meet their requirements. Exterior paint colors, interior powder-coating, logo embroidery, decals, tarp color and more can be done for complete customization of your wireline trucks to convey your company image.

Texas Wireline also offers electric skid units, small trailer mounted skid units, grease units and slickline units. We provide complete custom work trailer interiors and the trailers are normally provided by customers and equipped to your needs. We can manufacture any unit to your needs.

We use high-quality, industry proven components in all our units. All purchased parts are covered under manufacturer’s warranties.

All of our bodies are guaranteed with a 10 year structural warranty. Pride and quality workmanship goes into every unit at all levels of the assembly.

With our expertise in design and manufacturing, we are constantly adding new products and options. Our equipment designs are based on the knowledge we have gained through our history in the manufacturing business. We have worked to incorporate the best practices we have learned over the years to create the best products we can. As we learn from our customers and their feedback, we will continue to evolve, grow, and innovate.

If you are not satisfied with your truck, let us know what we can do to make things right for you. We appreciate any input you may have to improve yours and other future units.


Take a look at our all new hybrid FUZION line. Pushing the industry forward once again.