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Why Choose Us?

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exas Wireline Manufacturing is one of the few remaining companies in the wireline equipment manufacturing industry. With good reason, our exceptionally dedicated team and premium services are known for their quality workmanship. This blog post will look at some of these high-quality service offerings to help you discover why Texas Wireline is a top choice among clients everywhere!

Why purchase from Texas Wireline Manufacturing

At Texas Wireline Manufacturing, we are known for our unmatched services and customer relations. We are also recognized as having reliable products that stay up to date with industry standards, which makes us a great choice if you're looking for good equipment. And that’s not all! Some of the reasons why you should purchase from Texas Wireline Manufacturing include:

Innovative Fuzion Fleet

Our new innovative feature that makes a wireline unit energy efficient without reducing their output. This fleet consists of powerful units that are worth every penny.


If it’s the energy you need, you will get it with the EcoPax. This battery powered electric wireline truck is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional models.

Hassle-free repairs

Truth be told, sometimes repairs are unavoidable, and our team is here to give you the best course of action for any needed repairs. We complete minor and major repairs in record time to help minimize your downtime. Additionally, we also refurbish wireline bodies to a like new condition regardless of the manufacturer.

The perfect expert team at your beck and call

Our team is the best of the best in this industry. Our team is committed to providing you with excellent services that yield top results. More importantly, our team members have experience working across different fields; therefore, expect nothing less than their finest work from them!

Years of Experience

There’s no substitute for experience. Undoubtedly, with experience also comes the advantages that help experts develop an extra sense of things. With that in mind, Texas Wireline has over 100 years of wireline manufacturing experience in design, building and servicing. That comes in handy in this field, and it shows in our work.  

Overall Experience with Texas Wireline Manufacturing

Our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge have helped us create a product line that is second to none. Not only do we provide great products, but our service team is always available to assist you with your needs! We know how much time it takes when looking for the right company so let Texas Wireline be your one-stop shop today!